Due Diligence and Risk Management


Campbell Dynamics has experience in conducting full due diligence audits for the potential purchase of either project assets or physical plant. It has the necessary range of skills required to undertake all due diligence activities required to validate an acquisition.  One of the key activities, to address in any potential investment, is to recognize both opportunities and risks. Critical to the success of the purchase, is the ability to identify and mitigate any risk, which may have a material impact on the day to day operation of the project or plant.

Campbell Dynamics has extensive experience in the following fields and areas:

  • Development and implementation of risk profiling processes, risk assessment and the formulation of mitigation strategies
  • Strong technical skills allowing ease of understanding of the most complex processes
  • Strong financial modelling skills which allows the development of full transparent cashflow models.
  • Ability to ‘cut to the chase’

What is a Risk Profile?

A risk profile is a snapshot for all known risks facing a business or project at a particular point in time. The profile includes an assessment of the:

  • potential causes of risk
  • potential consequences resulting from the risk
  • adequacy of the control environment operating around the risk
  • adequacy of the quality and quantity of information available to monitor the control environment operating around the risk

There are various forms of risks – technological risk, sovereign risk, political risk, economic risk, etc. As risk profiles are determined at a particular point in time, it is imperative that the risk profiling process is a dynamic one and is refined at relevant stages during the course of the project or review. The idea of risk profiling is to ensure that senior management including the Board is fully conversant and aware of all risks that may affect the investment during the course of its life.

Risk Profile Process

Recent Clients Project Location
General Electric and Stanwell Corporation Wandoan Power Project – IGCC project with Carbon Capture and sequestration.
Prefeasibility Study – value A$4B
Wandoan, SW Queensland
Australian Solomons Gold Refurbishment of Gold Ridge Gold Mine including contract delivery method and  negotation Solomon Islands
SNC Lavalin Dyno Nobel Ammonium Nitrate Plant. Owners Team Support – A$1B Moranbah, Central Queensland.
Confidential Farm in opportunity for an Australian Junior miner on a pyrite roasting opportunity Central NSW
Confidential  Purchase of Gold Ridge Mine in Solomon Islands Solomon Islands
Confidential  EPCM Wrap for the Swanbank Paper Mill Brisbane
Confidential  Purchase of Port Kembla Copper Sulphuric Acid Plant Port Kembla